Wire Pay Off

It is a machine used to unload the wire in front of bunching,stranding machines.

• spool size : 630 up to 1600 mm
• max. Speed : 300 m/1 min.

Vatmak offers Take Ups & Pay Offs from reel size of 400mm to 4500mm (40Tons.); and speed from 30mpm to 1000mpm. Each one fits to the customer requirement and their budget. The wide range includes

• Flyer Pay Offs,
• Driven Pay Offs,
• Pneumatic Loading Pay Offs,
• Motorized Pay Offs
• Multi Motorized Pay Offs
• Passive Pay Offs
• Portal Pay Offs & Take Ups,
• Dual Take Ups,
• Hydraulic Lifting Pay Offs & Take Ups,
• Gantry Type Pay Offs & Take Ups
• Column Type Pay Offs & Take Ups.
• Double Spooler
• Hıgh Speed Spooler
• Double Take Up

Vatmak Take Up’s & Pay Off’s are available in AC Servo motors and Drives with PLC system. Vatmak produce new generation of Take up's & Pay Off's which is less in weight, high in speed and precision and almost maintenance free which gives our Customers an edge over competitors which is unmatchable.

Easy setup

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Easy to use