Spool Shrink Packaging


The Spool SHRINK Packaging Machine Line usually used for packing reels to be shipped overseas.this machine has been developed for wire and cable manufacturers. This process aims to highlight the quality. This is the last part of wire and cable production.


TECHNICAL Specifications

Machine Line : Fully Automatic
Operatör needs : only 1 staff
Usable Roller Dimensions : Ø400 – Ø 560 – Ø630 or Ø800 (Automatic recognition)
Spool Types : Wooden – plastic – steel (Automatic recognition)
Maximum Weight : 650kg or 1300kg (Automatically define the weight of spool)
Working Capacity : 40 sec. cycle (machine cycle time excluding system confirmations waiting times)
Nyloning : Fully automatic
Shrinking : Electric Oven / Gas Oven / Gas Burner
Silica Gel Bonding : Automatic (optional)
Label Sticking : Automatic (Optional)
Entry Stock Area : 4 Reel Capacity Stock Area (changeable)
Exit Stock Area : 4 Reel Capacity Stock Area(changeable)
Shrink Nylon Dimensions : 400mm – 600mm (changeable)
Plc Control : Siemens S7-1500 Series
Integrated Operatıons : SAP etc.

Easy setup

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Easy to use