Rewinding Lines


The cable or wire rewinding/transfer machine line is designed for winding in regular shapes in accordance with the needs of our customers at the desired quantity and desired spool diameter without loss of time.

Rewinding machine lines are mostly used in the winding process of light-weighted wire, cable, tube and similar materials. The simplest line assembly consists of just an emitter and collector; however, with many optional features, versatile quality control can be provided in the cable. Pay off control is done by a dancer, while take up is equipped with a traveling mechanism. Both assemblies have digital speed controls, AC drive and digital frequency converter. With its fast acceleration/deceleration feature, it allows controlled winding with sensitive tension at maximum efficiency.

- PLC control
- Material length measurement
- Reliable traverse mechanism
- Forward / reverse work

Technıcal specifications

• Traverse width 500mm to 2500mm can be connected to the spool
• 1000m/1min operating speed
• It is able to transfer in Ø2mm- Ø30mm range
• Adjusted wire tension is kept constant until reel is fully loaded

Easy setup

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Easy to use