We have a solid experience in the cable extrusion sector and in the wire and cable production in general, so it can easily designe and manufacture an innovative cable extrusion solution completely integrated on your existing production line and control system. We also offer you a revolutionary solutions for production increasing due to flexible applications the best extruder output available on the market, scrap and setup time reduction. Our wire and cable extrusion lines are renowned for their high levels of productivity and flexibility, they offer you the most modern and updated software technologies and top quality resistant components. Clients’ needs and industry requirements are our focus.

All our wire and cable extrusion solutions are customized to meet specific requirements and needs, we manufacture the following wire and cable extrusion lines:

• Automotive wire insulation,
• Electronic and building wire insulation and sheathing,
• Cable sheathing in tandem with SZ stranding process,
• Photovoltaic wire insulation and sheathing,
• Power cable insulation and sheathing,
• LAN & telephone insulation and sheathing
• Coaxial cables insulation and sheathing
• Aerospace insulation and sheathing
• High temperature lines
• Steel wire and ropes covering

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