Cable Coiling Machine


VATMAK focuses on customizing semi-automatic and full-automatic cable packaging solutions to meet different requirements from different customers. Automatic cable packaging line, can complete a complete package process, from the cable length counting, cable coiling, cable winding and automatic cable packing. Different types of cable coil packaging solution can be provided by using stretch film, PVC and other materials. The packaging machine can complete a coil package in 15-25 seconds. The ring speed and rotating speed can be adjustable by inverters. In production, it is the most effective equipment connects to production line for automatic packing. Customized design gives an opportunity to save labor cost and space.


1. Linked to wire production lines or from the pay-off machines of this equipment.
2. Easy to operate using the packing machine's touch screen user interface.
3. Servo motor traversing system produces coils with a smooth surface.
4. The machine will automatically detect faults and sound an alarm.
5. You may input and save various types of coil data in the PLC memory bank.

Easy setup

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Easy to use